About Lizz Converts

Lizz Converts started trading in 2013 and has continued to grow and build customers since then. Lizz started converting her own Mini-DV tapes after losing her Mum. She then did a few for friends, then others and word spread from there! Going from just converting VHS and Mini-DV Camcorder tapes in 2013, we now also convert VHS-C and Hi-8/8mm Tapes. We also transfer music from old Cassette Tapes to CD or USB. In 2015 we started scanning negatives and slides to Hi-Res digital images in either 2500dpi or 5000 dpi. In 2017 we started converting Super 8 and Regular 8 Cinefilm to DVD or USB.

At Lizz Converts we try to ensure that postal orders are finished and returned within 4 weeks. For local Maidenhead orders we aim for 2 weeks. Of course these estimates do depend on how many jobs are already on and how large your order is. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients well informed throughout the process. Informing them on each step that we take. Please see my Terms and Conditions page for more information that you need to know.

With Lizz Converts, we are focused on providing a service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Because we are a small business, we strive to be different from the big companies who treat their customers like nameless people. We want to work together with you, the client, to ensure you have the service you desire and you leave happy. Ultimately Lizz wants to return your precious family memories in the same way she did for herself before she started the business.

For enquiries please call 07765241768.